When meeting with our formulator we came prepared with our long list of must have and deal breaker ingredients, preparing to delve real deep into the results we were wanting to achieve with our products. 

Our formulator agreed that of course for young and sensitive skin our ingredients must be 100% natural, vegan, cruelty free with nothing artificial and none of the industry red flag additives. But then she asked us a very unexpected question. She queried, “would you like to include ingredients that promote emotional well being?”. 

Come again? We replied. 

Needless to say we pivoted back to our research stations to learn all we could about these ‘up and coming’ ingredients. With Aussie tweens and teens in mind we decided to go for it! 

So, what is a crystal tincture? 

A tincture is a crystal rock that is transformed into a liquified gem using an ancient alchemical process taking over 12 months to complete. The liquid crystal is then added to a product and is absorbed by the skin. Totes amazeballs!!


Why all the fuss?

By adding crystal tinctures to an already natural and nourishing product you have yourself some next level, holistic skincare! Why wouldn’t you add a gorgeous ingredient that will support your emotional well being?!

Crystals are believed to contain a living memory of times past, instilling positive awareness within us all. Amongst other things, they are considered powerful catalysts for healing, making change, boosting energy and mood. 


Tell me more… 

After considering a range of tinctures we could include in our formulations we ultimately landed on Amethyst, Citrine and Rose Quartz.



Amethyst, associated with the third eye and crown chakra, is said to enhance intuition, bring harmony, clarity and balance, inner peace and calm. This gorgeous purple stone is believed to hold protection, healing and purifying properties. Relieving stress, soothing irritability whilst settling anxiety and sadness. Amethyst also helps to improve moisture retention.


Citrine, associated with the solar plexus chakra, gives a big high-five to happiness. Yellow in colour it promotes abundance and success, builds self-esteem, empowerment and creativity via a vibrant flow of energy throughout the body. Citrine works as a skin alleviant of irritations caused by allergies, and does wonders for skin tone and increasing radiance. 


Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz, associated with the heart chakra, is a lover, not a fighter. It promotes compassion, energy, emotional healing, and confidence. Pink in colour it works by warding off negativity and replacing those negative emotions with big bright shiny positive ones. Rose Quartz also helps to reduce redness. 

As adults looking back, we agreed we had both experienced the challenges that these crystals are believed to counteract. If we had them available to us back then we would have screamed SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY! So all things considered, you will now find Amethyst (Captain Chill), Citrine (The Happiness Hunter) and Rose Quartz (The Luuurve Dawg) included within our product range. 

Because if we can create something that will help our tweens and teens with some emotional support through some challenging years then gosh-dang we will!

Run. Don’t walk. Check out our products NOW!




As we grow and change, the interest in and use of cosmetics develops, and while many select products based on their product claims of “anti-ageing” or “skin brightening”, some are drawn in by the wizardry of marketing – “a blush pink label!? That will go perfectly with my bathroom tiles!” or “$5 serum?!?! Give me 3 of those!”. But have you ever thought about what chemicals many of these alluring products contain?  


What’s so great about natural skincare? 


What goes onto the skin, also goes into the skin
Did you know that your skin is the largest organ of your body? It’s also very porous and can absorb up to 64% of whatever you put on it. Given that topical skincare products can be absorbed by the body, we really should think twice about what is actually inside the products we are applying. 

Greater for the environment
The manufacture of natural skincare products has a lot less of an impact on our environment than chemical based products. Chemicals and toxins enter the air and water systems during production and through our own personal use. These harmful ingredients can end up in our soil and waterways, and contribute to the detriment of healthy microorganisms and potentially, our marine life. The passion of manufacturers of natural skincare typically extends into packaging also. Opting to use sustainable packaging which is reusable or recyclable. If you are keen to explore more sustainable, and conscious living, natural skincare can be a good step to take!

Reduces the detoxification
One of the amazing functions of our skin is to expel toxins and nasty chemicals – our own personal elimination system. Which is why we have over one million sweat glands on our body. Contaminants enter our bodies via the air we breathe, the foods and drinks we consume, and through our skin – if we can reduce this exposure, why wouldn’t we?

Kinder to our skin
The skincare market includes many products that are packed with inexpensive synthetic ingredients which can trigger free radicals. These free radicals can wreak havoc on your skin, and long term use can surprisingly accelerate the signs of aging. Natural products are designed to effectively nourish and protect your skin, in the short term


what are these toxic ingredients my family should be avoiding?


A few no-go ingredients that we steer clear of include:

Parabens are a group of ingredients used as a preservative to increase skincare product shelf life. They have been flagged as “nasty” as it is believed they trigger oestrogen disrupting hormones and have links to cancer.

Sodium Lauryl Sulphate is an ingredient that allows products to foam and lather (think of shampoo), and is used to help remove oils on the skin. We avoid SLS’s as they can strip the skin causing dryness and subsequent skin issues as a result.

Triclosan is an ingredient commonly used in antibacterial or antifungal claiming cosmetics. Linked to adverse health effects and is terrible for the environment. 

Oxybenzone is an ingredient commonly found in sunscreen. Unfortunately studies have suggested that Oxybenzone can cause skin allergies and works as a UV absorber meaning it actually takes in the rays instead of repel. Oxybenzone is also harmful to coral reefs.

Petrochemicals are ingredients derived from petroleum! Many skincare manufacturers include them as they moisturise the skin and deliver product smoothly and evenly across the skin. In their promise of hydration, they create a barrier on the skin which can trap dirt and oil, clogging pores and interfere with the skin’s natural ability to perspire. 

Artificial fragrances
Artificial or synthetic fragrances are often derived from Petroleum or Crude Oil, so as you can imagine, they can cause skin allergies such as psoriasis, eczema, and asthma. Artificial fragrances have also been linked to birth defects, cancer and nervous-system disorders. With the availability of natural plant extracts and essential oils, there is absolutely no need for artificial fragrance use in cosmetics. 

Natural skincare can be defined as products that are formulated using naturally derived chemical free ingredients such as herbs, flowers and plants (roots, essential oils and extracts), combined with naturally occurring carrier, surface active and moisturising agents, emulsifiers and preservatives. Think plant derived, nothing artificial or toxic.


What are some favourite natural, hero ingredients you use in your skincare formulations?


Kakadu Plum
An Australian native extract, very high concentration of Vitamin C (the highest of any single natural food source in the world). Kakadu Plum is hydrating, antibacterial, and packed with vitamins and minerals that reduce the likelihood of blemishes. 

Aloe Vera
Is known for its healing and soothing abilities. A great ingredient for sensitive skin, but wonderful also for those with inflamed and irritated skin. 

Also known as the Australian Native Peach, offers a rich source of Vitamin E. It exfoliates, hydrates and reduces inflammation.

Native Snowflower
Reduces pigmentation and promotes brightness of the skin. Native Snowflower is an antioxidant and is anti-inflammatory.

White Willow Bark
Is a natural alternative to salicylic acid which clears pores, exfoliates and removes dead skin cells from the skin. A wonderful addition for those who have oily or problematic skin. 

High in Vitamin B3, Niacinamide reduces redness and pigmentation in the skin. It also balances oil flow and evens skin tone. 

It’s Clancy Yo! is committed to using 100% natural ingredients which are safe and effective for young, delicate and sometimes sensitive skin. If it’s good enough for our family, it’s good enough for yours. 

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