As Mothers ourselves, we are very cautious about what products we buy for our children. But even with amazing claims, how do we know if they are doing more harm than good? See below, the top indications your kids are using the wrong products for their skin.

1 Dryness and peeling skin

If your child’s skin is naturally dry or tight then harsh products such as a foaming cleanser can result in additional dryness, stinging, or peeling skin. If a product is dehydrating your skin, irritating or causing dryness, it could be stripping the skin of its natural protective oils.


2 Rash

We can all develop a random rash for various reasons but a rash is often an indication that your skin is allergic to an ingredient in a product. Rashes caused by skincare are often due to preservatives and artificial fragrances added to products which is why the It’s Clancy, Yo! brief to our formulator strictly excluded these things. 


3 Long lasting breakouts 

Our skin can sometimes go through what is known as “purging” when we try new products that contain a group of active ingredients. These ingredients can speed up cell turnover resulting in sebum, flaking skin and other pore clogging buildup to come up to the surface. Because we do not have any retinoids, acids, or peels in our products we do not expect your kids to experience purging using It’s Clancy, Yo! range. 


4 Unusually oily skin

If your child is experiencing more oil on their skin than normal, it could be due to overuse of a product or the product itself is causing the oil glands to produce more oil to combat any damage or dryness caused. Our products are formulated for young and sensitive skin in mind.


5 Burning or stinging sensation

If your child’s skin feels like it is burning or stinging advise them to wash the product off immediately. This could be caused by our kids using products developed for more mature skin, or they may be having a reaction to an ingredient. Our products are derived from what Mother Nature created for us so the risk of this happening is extremely low (and we have never received any feedback regarding a reaction).

We always recommend a patch test first. You can find directions here:


6 Itching skin

Fragrance is a big contributor of children developing an irritation in the form of itching on their skin. If your child’s face becomes red, hot or itchy, it’s likely due to an artificial fragrance or a highly concentrated fragrance oil. All of our products are mildly fragranced with plant extracts and have been tested on faces from 6 years of age without reaction.


7 Hives

Hives are a big indication that your child’s skin is not loving a particular ingredient found in a product. The presence of hives does not necessarily indicate that the product is not suited to your child’s skin type however the reaction may be due to an allergen and discontinuation of use is advised. We selected our ingredients very wisely keeping in mind common allergies in children eg. nuts and gluten. We always recommend patch testing first. 


If you’re nervous about your child trying something new, or don’t want too big an investment to begin with, give our trial size trio packs a go! 

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