We understand the importance of looking after our skin and the benefits of starting this journey early. We also understand the types of products that would be safe and effective for our kids, and which ones can wait until their skin is more mature. But how do we get our tweens and teens on the skincare regime train headed for so-fresh-and-so-clean(ville)? How do we get our kids interested, motivated and (perhaps a stretch), EXCITED about looking after their body’s largest organ?


Help your kids understand the need for a skincare regime. Talk to them about their skin, the importance of keeping it clean and moisturised. Explain to them the different concerns that can arise from unmaintained skin, and the protection that it needs. Once they wrap their heads around the education surrounding this, they are more likely to want to do something about it. 



The first few times, our kids may be unsure of what to do. Why not get in there and show them? You could assist them by helping them wash their faces, or you could be in there completing your own regime whilst they are doing theirs. They can watch and learn from you being a great example. Doing it together also shows that you believe in the importance of a daily regime yourself and this could be a great motivation. 


The last thing you want to do is put together a 10 step regime that takes an hour to complete. The more difficult and time consuming it is, the less likely they are to stick to it. Get them into a quick and simple regime that does not add pressure to them or their day. By having it quick and simple, they will be able to get it over and done with in no time and get back to what they want to be doing. A quick tip would be to store the cleanser in the shower for some quick multi-tasking!  


Another way to get our kids motivated is by setting their skincare regime out as a checklist on display. Having a laminated sheet in the bathroom with the steps listed will help them to remember the order that they need to be done in, and they can mark them off as they go. Seeing their results in front of them and knowing that they have completed the steps will give them a sense of achievement and hopefully develop a newfound daily habit!


Why not assist your kids with creating their own space on the vanity or on a shelf where they can have their products ready to go. By having them in sight and readily available, should prompt them to complete their daily regimes when entering the room. The team at It’s Clancy, Yo! spent a LOT of time working on label designs for this very reason!


As mothers ourselves, we get how “unique?” tweens and teens can be! We hope these tips will assist you and your kids in developing healthy skincare habits and a great daily regime.


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